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Top reasons why SME business needs an e-commerce website in 2022

Posted by : qortechno Date : July 28, 2022

The power of e-commerce can help you expand your business and expand your brand

Every SME business feels that ‘why they need an e-commerce website’ when they already have a solid social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

The simple answer is that before buying a new product or service, people do a web search to learn more about it. 

Having an e-commerce website has a significant impact on the success of SME businesses.

Reasons to have an e-commerce website in 2022

An e-commerce website is a must for running a successful SME business. Here are some reasons which you should consider. 

Customers need it

Now customers are tech-savvy and expect SME businesses to have an e-commerce website. 

Because of the website, businesses can showcase their brand value. It also helps deliver strong marketing messages, targets the right audience, promotes goodwill for customers, etc. 

Also, if you have an e-commerce website, it will deliver your marketing message even when you are sleeping. 

Keep in mind that e-commerce websites are information-oriented and are created to resolve visitors’ issues.

Website builds trust

Your SME business can build credibility and trust if it has an online presence. 

An e-commerce website will reflect reviews about your product and service, which every buyer needs to check before making a purchase. 

But make sure to keep your site up to date and look professional every time. 

Also, ensure to appear in the top result of the search engine; else, you will lose the status soon.

Decreasing social media reach

A critical reason an SME business needs an e-commerce website is the decreasing value of social media. 

You will indeed have a nice page on social media platforms, but with increasing competition it is not enough to have only a social media presence to attract new customers. 

So, having an e-commerce website is a big win. 

Social media platforms can increase business but not as much as an e-commerce website can. 

Make sure to have an excellent e-commerce website.

Improve brand visibility

A very important thing SME business owners can do is to display products on their e-commerce websites for prospective customers. 

To intensify the chances of customers buying from your e-commerce website, you need to reveal some important details like who you are, your brand, and what it stands for.

Doing this will set your SME business apart from the competitors. 

But without a credible e-commerce website, it will be very challenging to provide a reliable user experience.

Connect with the target audience

The very valid reason to have an e-commerce website in 2022 is to connect with the target audience. 

Every minute more than 2.4 million searches happen. So, someone might be looking for the products and services you offer on your website. 

If you do not have a perfect e-commerce website, your competitors will attract all the buyers, which can be yours. 

Showcase your products

No matter what products and services you offer, the SME business needs an e-commerce website in 2022. 

The website is the first point of interaction between your product and your target audience. 

So, how you position your SME business is entirely in your control. 

You can also display offerings with short videos, features, tutorials, and PDF instructions.

An SME business can also highlight their testimonials and awards, which will help alleviate buyers’ pain points, make them understand the benefits of connecting with you, and influence their decision to buy the product.


Above are some of the most important reasons to have an excellent e-commerce website for your SME business. 

If you are also looking for an interactive e-commerce website for your business, you can contact Qortechno, and we will help your business grow with an excellent e-commerce site.


Website Redesign: How Do You Plan?

Posted by : qortechno Date : July 13, 2022

There are many brands that are unsatisfied with their website redesign.

Whether you have a website on Web flow, WordPress, Magento, or Shopify, a website redesign is essential. Before jumping into how to do it, it will be better if you understand the benefits and scope of the redesigning journey.

For that, let’s check out what exactly is website redesigning?

What Is a Website Redesigning?

Website redesign is the process of making essential changes to the site or applying principles of site designing to an existing website to make it look fresh again.

It can be in site layout, structure, content or coding. You can also change aesthetic aspects like colour palette or media.

The primary purpose of site redesigning is to attract new and retain existing visitors. You must offer a better experience and user interface by redesigning your website.

Site owners who plan to redesign have experienced current best practices and data, so they always take a step ahead and give their site a fresh look and appearance.

How important is redesigning your website?

Website make-over is significant for various reasons like

  • Improving the overall user experience.

It is because the needs and desires of visitors change over time, resulting in the demand for website redesigning. So, you should make your site features look more appealing, resulting in increased visitors and a high conversion rate.

  • To create the image of authority

Visitors can quickly judge a website based on its appearance. Always keep in mind that good site design and credibility are co-related to each other.

What are the mandatory elements of website redesigning?

Now, if you have concluded that your site requires redesigning, your next step should be following the mandatory steps below to make your site look more appealing.

  • Structure

A website structure should encourage visitors to read about products, subscribe, navigate and explore the site. If you cannot get a high conversion rate, there could be a problem with the site’s structure that needs to be fixed. 

  • Design & identity

Great site design is more than the appearance. While redesigning, makes sure your site has proper navigation. A user can quickly go from one page to another without any hassle. 

  • Funnels

Turning a prospect into a customer can be done with the help of funnels which rely on customer touchpoints and strategic messaging. It helps in removing uncertainty from the business. 

Try to optimize the site so that funnels are well defined, and you do not need to take any manual action to work on them.

  • Conversions

Buying your product, following on social media and joining subscribers are all part of conversion based on trust in the site owner. 

The conversion ensures the visitors are moving one step ahead in becoming a customer. 

While redesigning, you should focus on improving the site’s structure, funnel, messaging, identity, and ability to build trust. 

  • Speed

53% of users abandon mobile sites because they take more than 3 seconds to load. 

Your mobile website should be fast, and the redesign must account for that. The site structure should be composed of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Also, images should be optimized, and videos should be hosted by 3rd parties.

What mistakes to avoid while redesigning a website?

Around 75% of website redesigns fail because of poor planning. Let’s examine the two biggest reasons and how you can avoid them.

  • Focusing on technology before site strategy

Never consider technology before deciding on business goals. It is the wrong approach for the site redesign. Instead of focusing on the content management system, you should look for

– How to make sure the site remains successful?

– How to boost business growth with a website?

– What’s the purpose of the redesigned website?

Remember that website strategy and business goals come first; then, you should focus on technology. 

  • Vague project goals

Goals like ‘I want to get more visitors’ or ‘I want my website to look better’ are not correctly defined goals. It would be best if you drilled down more to identify what exactly you need like

– Want to give visitors a positive experience

– Want my brand to be recognizable

– Want my brand to look appealing 

If your site redesigning lacks clear goals, planning for a new business approach will not be effective.

How to determine your site redesigning goals?

To measure the site’s success, you should have perfect goals, which should be

  • Business goals

Before redesigning, you should set your business goals. Redesigning will not only make your site look amazing, but it also helps in growing your business while making the entire process more efficient with well-defined business goals.  

  • Marketing goals

Your business goals directly impact marketing goals. So, always think about the marketing goals you want your redesigned site to achieve.

  • Technology goals

If there is any tech issue before, it should be fixed while redesigning. Think about all the marketing you cannot do because of tech restrictions. Identify and fix it.

Why Choose Qortechno to Redesign your website?

With Qortechno, you can hire a Web designer who offers the following benefits:

  • Result-driven professionals
  • Price flexibility based on packages
  • Continually communicating and collaborating

Qortechno offers more than just Web Design consultancy services. All kinds of talent can be found through our wide range of services.


OK, now this article explains how to plan to redesign a website correctly. Do you still think a website redesign would be a great step forward for your business?

Our team at Qortechno helps you redesign your website to make it more effective. We’ll work with you to make a top-notch site that will attract quality visitors.


In-House Marketing VS Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by : Nisha Date : June 6, 2022

If you are a business owner and want to grow your business, get more leads then digital marketing is the best strategy. To achieve these goals, you will need talented people that can work on it and execute your strategy. 

Many agencies are still confused as to whether you should work with an in-house team or hire a professional digital agency partner? 

Check out the pros and cons of each. 

Partnership with a Digital Agency 


Deeper Expertise

Hiring a digital marketing agency means hiring a professional. The most beneficial part of working with such an experienced partner is getting the most value and ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

Diverse speciality 

Many agencies offer different services like, web design, SEO, Paid advertising, email marketing and many more. So you get multiple things from a single window.


A good digital marketing agency helps your business to scale properly in terms of hiring team as you don’t have to bother to find and hire senior marketing professionals. 


A marketing agency has access to many valuable tools and resources, which gives you a better chance of getting the results you want. Additionally, they are result-oriented, as if they do not produce results, their partnership is over.


Multiple clients

As a digital marketing agency works with multiple clients so it is possible to feel neglected sometimes. A client-focused agency, however, won’t give you this impression or feeling. Instead, they will portray themselves as close collaborators in the process.


You don’t have much control over marketing strategy with a digital agency.  Your company can also reduce bottlenecks when it outsources marketing by becoming trusted with the agency.

In-House Marketing


Control over every aspect of the process. 

With an in-house team, you have better control over the execution of your marketing strategy.

You have better accessibility to see what is happening around. Also, if something is not working then you have flexibility to change the strategy.

More focus:

Your employee will be more focused as they have to work with your company only so their all strategy & process work around them. While working with an agency, chances are people are working with other assignments also. When you build an internal team then they are more familiar with your brand rather than an agency.


Hire & retain employees

Hiring the right talent is not a cup of tea. It takes a lot of time & effort. You have to hire multiple persons to get the marketing result. Putting together an internal marketing team, and keeping it in place, is an extremely high investment for your business.

Slow results

A marketing agency may provide faster results than a company you work with on your own. It’s better to hire an agency because they are more knowledgeable, and they have two to three people working on it. This means results arrive more quickly.

Software expenses

Along with hiring and maintaining an internal marketing team, you also have to pay for marketing software. Costs can be incurred for anything from SEO tools, such as Ahrefs and SEMrush, to graphic design and web development.


No matter what marketing method you choose, whether it’s in-house or working with a digital agency, you’ll need to consider all variables, including the cost, market, etc.

Qortechno is a Digital marketing agency in San Francisco. Would you like to learn how working with an agency could benefit your business? You can discuss your needs with Qortechno today, and we can see how we can help!


Future of Marketing After Pandemic – COVID-19

Posted by : Nisha Date : May 11, 2022

After covid-19, marketing, and the way we do business, have been forever altered. Similarly, if we look at the current state of digital marketing, we can say that every aspect of it will change in the future. 

Pandemic Highlights Digital Marketing Importance:

Before covid-19, most of the organizations were dependent on offline marketing. But pandemic forces consumers to buy/search online before making any buying decision.  Consumer behavior and attitude toward shopping has changed. Whole consumer segments are shopping differently as a result of physical distancing and stay-at-home customs. They prefer to buy online rather than offline.

This has resulted in a drop in traditional marketing budgets and an increase in budgets for digital marketing. Although digital marketing experienced such a strong surge in the last couple of years, Best SEO Company in USA experienced the highest growth rate as well.

Social media 

Due to pandemic, many consumers rely on social media for socializing. Social media marketing has therefore received a boost in organic and paid promotions. The result is marketers are placing more emphasis on building and maintaining strong customer relationships, and they are trying to determine more efficient and effective methods of communicating with their audiences. Social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more have experienced a huge growth with consumer interactions. Best Online Marketing Companies in the USA have benefited tremendously from these platforms.

Scope of Digital Marketing:

Importance of Digital marketing

After the pandemic, a new era of marketing has been seen. Consumers’ shopping habits have changed, which has increased the potential for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a set of strategies that works to supercharge your brand, product, company, or business through different methods, like;

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Paid ads
  • Digital events and more.

Social Media:

Using social media, companies and brands can reach millions of consumers via digital marketing.

Organic & Paid Search:

SEO and PPC both help websites to drive traffic. With organic SEO, you can create great brand awareness, while paid search gives you a quick result, which can lead to faster conversions. White-collar SEO companies can help you generate leads at this point.

Email Marketing:

In terms of usage, email remains the most popular form of digital communication. It helps in making customers aware of your brand or product through different discounts, offers, and other information to stay connected.

Virtual events:

Webinars and digital events have been necessitated during the pandemic. It assists in disclosing your brand and business in a more thoughtful and safer way to the customers. It enhances the targeted customers’ experience.


As a result of the pandemic, marketing strategies no longer work as they did in the past, and new plans must be devised to take into account the new behaviors, preferences, and needs of your customers. Digital marketing is the best method for achieving these goal. It will help you identify the most effective type of strategy by helping you reach the right and perfect audience.

With our expertise in digital marketing in the USA, we can help you to achieve your best sales targets in an ever-changing economy.


Why should companies hire tech talent from other countries?

Posted by : Nisha Date : April 4, 2022

Over the past few years, there has been a growing sentiment that it’s easier to find and hire tech talent outside of your home country. But, conversely, some people believe that it’s more expensive to hire tech talent inside your country instead. The truth is, the cost of hiring tech talent depends on many variables and has a lot to do with the quality of tech talent you’re looking to hire.

Tech Talent is Borderless:

The truth of the matter is that tech talent is a global phenomenon. The most in-demand tech skills are global and often cross geographic boundaries. We live in a world where borders or oceans no longer bind talent. As a result, people worldwide are doing great work, often people who didn’t grow up in Silicon Valley, New York, or London.

The bottom line is that there are many great companies worldwide looking for quality tech talent regardless of where they were born and many people who are no longer interested in staying put and waiting for someone to find them. As a result, the number of opportunities available at home and abroad is growing every day. 

In addition, with tools like LinkedIn, videos platforms like YouTube, and sites like Github becoming more mainstream, tech talent has endless opportunities to find new work and opportunities regardless of where they are.

Excellent talent at low cost:

One of the critical reasons companies should hire tech talent from other countries is that they can get excellent talent at a fraction of the cost. For example, in India, there is an abundance of talented engineers skilled in various programming languages and have a good understanding of complex systems. 

This is because the average salary for a software engineer in India is much lower than in countries such as the US and UK. So, by hiring tech talent from other countries, companies can save a lot of money while still getting access to top-quality talent.

Diverse perspectives and ideas:

Another reason companies should hire tech talent from other countries is that it can help them gain access to diverse perspectives and ideas. For example, by hiring engineers from India, companies can benefit from the rich cultural diversity in the country. Additionally, Indian engineers are known for their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be extremely valuable for companies. 

Thus, hiring tech talent from other countries can help companies access new and innovative ideas, which can help them stay competitive in the marketplace.

Easier to find specialized talent:

It cannot be easy to find specialized talent in today’s competitive tech landscape. However, by hiring tech talent from other countries, companies can easily find the right people for the job. For example, by hiring engineers from India, companies can tap into the large pool of skilled engineers that exist in the country. 

Additionally, Indian engineers are known for their expertise in various programming languages and technologies, which can be extremely valuable for companies. You can find these specialized talents with the help of Qortechno we would be happy to help you find the right people for the specific IT job. 

Boosts creativity and innovation:

One of the key benefits of hiring tech talent from other countries is boosting creativity and innovation within a company. By having a diverse team of engineers from different cultures, companies can encourage creativity and collaboration, leading to innovative solutions to problems. Additionally, by hiring engineers familiar with new technologies, companies can help keep their teams up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry.

Tech Talent does not need to be Local – It’s time to change:

There is no logical reason why tech talent should be local. The most in-demand tech skills are global and often cross geographic boundaries. For example, if a company is looking to hire a front-end developer with experience with Angular, they’re going to have a hard time finding that person in their city or country unless they are willing to go far and wide. The fact is, there are front-end developers with Angular experience all over the world, and it’s only logical that companies should be free to find this person regardless of where they live.

It’s time to move on from hiring local tech talent. At Qortechno the Best Web Development Company in USA, we help hire extraordinary tech talent to make every business get the best workforce out of the market. 

The question is, why should you hire tech talent outside your country?

There is less competition, and the market is growing: Think about it, up until very recently, tech talent was usually found in a handful of major cities around the world. Now, tech talent is found worldwide, and there are new opportunities to be had everywhere.

A global talent pool provides access to more diverse skills and experiences: There is no doubt that when you hire tech talent in another country, you get a person with a global mindset and a broader skillset.

There are fewer restrictions on the movement of people: There are many factors influencing the flow of people across borders. For example, hiring tech talent from another country makes it easier for them to move worldwide.


We’ve been operating under a misconception. It’s time to change the way we think about hiring tech talent because they are borderless and have no need for local requirements, so it’s undeniable that our policies should reflect this truth!

If you are looking to fill a vacant tech position in your company, consider hiring someone from another country. Many talented and skilled tech professionals living abroad would be a perfect fit for your open position. At Qortechno, we can help you find the best candidate for the your engineering needs. Our hiring process is very simple. Contact us today for hassle free hiring!


How to Increase Organic Search Engine Rankings?

Posted by : Nisha Date : January 27, 2022

Organic search engine rankings are those which you get with SEO. They have been there for decades, and they will continue to exist in the future. Therefore, if you have a business online, you must understand improving your organic search engine rankings through SEO.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to improve your organic search engine rankings.

Before that, we will understand here,

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines are the ones that bring up your website when people type in specific keywords or phrases on them. For example, if you type in ‘plumber’, you will see a list of websites containing information about plumbers. These are all sites that have been optimized for the keyword ‘plumber’.

There are many search engines. But the most popular ones are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is the most popular one because it brings up relevant content which matches your keywords.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results as opposed to paid advertising.

SEO methods may also target social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Here is How to Increase Organic Search Engine Rankings:

Search engine ranking can be increased organically by following these simple steps.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization of your site’s web pages can help increase traffic to that page. For on-page optimization, the website developer should consider all the factors like title text, Meta tag text and ALT tags.

  • Title Text: Title text should be unique for each page. It should contain the main keywords of the webpage.
  • Meta Tag Text: Meta tag text should be relevant and should not contain anything above the main keywords.
  • Alt tags: Alt text contains alternative texts for images. Alt Tag helps search engine crawlers index and display the correct image and text.

Off-Page Optimization

One of the ways through which you can optimize your website off-page is by getting backlinks from high authority sites. Sites such as Wikipedia and all the pages on that site get indexed in search engines.

Link building becomes easy if you build links from such high authority sites. Building backlinks from directories helps increase the authenticity of your website and help achieve higher rankings in search engines.

One should also write guest posts for other blogs and websites. Guest posting helps in link building and increasing website traffic from another website. Link building with blog commenting is also an effective way. It helps increase your website’s trustworthiness and authenticity among the search engines.

You can also create your blog and get relevant links from your blog.


One of the most important things you should do is pick an appropriate keyword and rank for it. Many tools help you find appropriate keywords to target. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for this purpose. The first step is to find a keyword with a good number of searches that fits into your niche. 

Before you even start writing for this particular keyword, you should set up a Google Adwords account. You can use this to determine how much it will cost you per click on the keyword you are targeting.

In-Depth Content

The one thing that Google looks for is content. The more, the better. Content is king, and this has been proved repeatedly by many businesses. You can proofread your content and make it better and more readable. Google also loves unique content, and this is something that you should always strive for. You can outsource some of your content to freelance writers.

Writing unique and valuable content for your web page helps gain popularity among the audience. Google places a premium on original content, so you should focus on writing unique content for your site.

For example: If you choose to write a blog post on a sales funnel, don’t just copy content from other sites. Instead, create your content based on your experience in the field.

Originality is one of the best ways to promote your business or organization these days. Of course, the major search engines like Google, but the audiences also prioritize the original content.

Take care of your grammar and avoid spelling mistakes while writing content for your site. People don’t like it when a website’s content is filled with grammatical and spelling mistakes.


When you write your content, it must be readable by all kinds of people. A lot of people are not familiar with complicated terminologies. When writing content, you must give them enough insights into what you are trying to explain. If your content is hard to understand, it might not get the attention you want.

Things you need to keep in mind: 

While the steps mentioned above are the basic things you should do to get a good ranking in the search engine, there are certain things to be considered while doing so.

Here is a quick guide:

  • Be patient: SEO takes time. It is not a fix and forgets a thing. However, the results will come in due course if you follow the above mentioned steps.
  • Don’t use Black Hat techniques: Black hat or short term techniques always have harmful effects. They may help you in the start but will prove harmful in the long run.
  • Create good quality content: Content is king on the internet. So create unique, quality content for your page as Google always focuses on good quality content.
  • Short term techniques: Short term techniques can sometimes help you get better results for your site but will harm you in the long term.
  • Cloak your links: Spamming links will only get negative results. Avoid spamming links on forums, blog comments and guest posts.
  • Do not buy or sell backlinks: Buying or selling backlinks may help you in the short run but will harm you in the long run.


SEO is all about the competition. The harder you work, the more will be your results. So, follow these steps and start working on your content. Your rankings will start increasing soon, and you will gain good exposure for your website.

If you are into business and want to increase your organic search engine rankings, get tired of trying on your own, then select the affordable SEO Plans. We offer a range of services to help you get increased search engine ranking for your site and more customers. Our team is knowledgeable about all aspects of SEO; thus, we can guarantee you results.

contact qortechno
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Posted by : Nisha Date : December 21, 2021

In the last couple of years, the Ecommerce industry has been constantly evolving and booming, like 5.4 trillion USD by 2022. Ecommerce businesses are experiencing inevitable challenges because consumer habits are changing so quickly. 

Retailers must gear up to survive the obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities.

In order to flourish in a cut-throat market, they must focus on certain things.

Challenges With Solutions

1. Surpassing a Wide Range of Competition

Ecommerce industry becomes more competitive in different parameters like costs, service, supply chain operations, and many more. Gaining and maintaining your customers is one of the most hardest ecommerce challenges. 

Things to be Done:

Develop your digital marketing strategy and Invest in promotional offers to help create a better brand presence. Customer loyalty programs & better customer service also help to maintain your customer base. 

For customer loyalty, you need to focus on:

  • Display company address, contact number, customer feedback.
  • Valuable content on your website.
  • Asking for customer feedback.

2. Technology

One of the reasons ecommerce businesses face a challenge is that often the seller and buyer can’t see each other. Means, less personal interaction. So they need the technology to support the customers’ expectations and challenges. 

Things to be Done:

Figure out your customer journey and learn which software (WordPress/Woocommerce/Shopify/Wix) is needed to meet your eCommerce business needs. Also, Invest in that technology for your ecommerce website and also in good inventory management software.

3. Experience Omnichannel

One of the hardest challenges ecommerce businesses are facing today as customers want to connect with the brand through multichannel like website, phone, email, social media platforms etc. 

Things to be Done:

Your Retails business information must be unified in all those places otherwise you will likely be left behind.

4. Mobile-friendly Ecommerce Website

Today more than 70% Customers use their mobile devices for buying online. If your website is not working well on smart devices then you will lose a large amount of revenue.

Things to be Done:

Recheck your website across the device and make sure UI/UX is working well on all devices.

5. Using the Aboundunt Shopping Cart

Abandoned shopping carts are a serious issue that can hurt your revenue if your customers face any problem during the payment.

Things to be Done:

Check your check-out process and if it requires then redesign into a much easier process. Instant help tools or visual tools can help your customers if they are stuck during the checkout process. These simple methods can immensely improve your shopping cart conversion rate.

6. Customer Expect a Lot

 Customers expectations have grown as an ecommerce business. They expectations are,

  • Provide the best possible customer experience
  • Responsive website
  • Free shipping and easy returns
  • Accepting various payment methods
  • Personalized shopping experience

Things to be Done:

Make an responsive website , ensure their personalized experience through email- id or contact numbers. Have transparent return policies. Build a better customer experience by responding to their queries. Making little changes within your budget can increase your brand’s credibility.

7. Data Protection

As online has reached a peak , data security issues also keep on increasing. The biggest challenge of the e-commerce industry is to safeguard the personal as well as financial details of the customer.

Things to be Done:

Use https protocol and SSL certificate for the business website. And other functions include ensuring the use of secure servers and protecting data using anti-malware software systems.


Making sure that your ecommerce website works smoothly and effectively. Taking care of all these elements will help to boost your online business. For more info on ecommerce web design package explore Qortechno’ site. Let’s work together to make your ecommerce growth as smooth as possible.


QorTechno Agency Ranked 20 As Top 20 Web Development Agency

Posted by : Nisha Date : November 18, 2021

Qortechno Agency has been recognised as a Top 20 Web Development Agency in San Francisco in 2021 by DesignRush.

DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies.

Their platform lists over 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries and is consulted by thousands of decision-makers looking to start a project.

“It’s truly an honour for our agency to be acknowledged for our website development skills by DesignRush. This is especially notable since we are in such a competitive market in a major U.S. city.” Said Nisha Kumari, CEO at QorTechno Agency. 

QorTechno is a one-stop Web Development Agency in San Francisco delivering end-to-end web, design, development, and digital marketing services to agencies and startups for their exceptional business growth. 

Qortechno team expertise in Web Design, Web Development, Online Store, eCommerce Portal, Web Application, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Logo Design.

DesignRush nominated us because we helped our clients to increase their website user interface, speed performance, accelerates conversion ratio through web development services.

Taking care of your website will help to boost your digital presence. For more info on websites development and web design, explore Qortechno’ site. Let’s work together to make your digital growth as smooth as possible.

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QorTechno LLP Secures First Review on Clutch for Web Development Project

Posted by : Nisha Date : September 27, 2021

The value of websites to businesses has become emphasised now more than ever. As more and more people utilize the digital space in their search for products and services, not having a website for your brand leaves you at a disadvantage. Fortunately, web development is at its most accessible nowadays with tools such as WordPress.

QorTechno LLP is a digital design company that helps brands create unique experiences for their clientele. We deliver premier web development solutions supplemented with data-driven optimization and marketing strategies for businesses to achieve top-notch performance. A well-rounded team of digital professionals, we lead our partners forward as we educate them on tackling their challenges.

In our mission to empower our clients as they aim for digital transformation, we’ve recently received our very first review on Clutch. This is exciting news for us because we now have access to honest feedback from our partners.

First time hearing about Clutch? Well, Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year. 

Clutch has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and has been listed as a top 50 startup by LinkedIn.

Our first review comes from Alepo Technologies Inc., a 5G technology solutions provider. In his detailed discussion with the Clutch team, Anju Gulati, Associate Director of Marketing at Alepo Technologies Inc., shared their experiences in working with QorTechno LLP. 

Check out the full review on Clutch to learn more about this project. You can also view the latest research by The Manifest where we’re named a top e-commerce development company in San Francisco.

Enhancing your online presence begins with taking care of your website with qortechno. For more info on websites development and web design, explore Qortechno’ site. Let’s work together to ensure smooth digital growth.

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5 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins For Your Online Store in 2021

Posted by : Nisha Date : August 17, 2021

Building online stores seems to grow more plentiful by the year. Pandemic changed the face of business from offline to online. Selling online products or services becomes a necessity for anyone to make more money. 

There are many WordPress eCommerce plugins but choose with the right set of features to make your online platform better. That means choosing right one will create more opportunities to grow your business.

eCommerce plugins divided into two types:

  • Some plugins made for selling digital goods like eBooks, photos, music, etc. 
  • Some plugins are made for selling physical products that need shipping.

Best Plugins for eCommerce store


WooCommerce is the most customisable eCommerce plugins for building eCommerce websites. With a large number of add ons and themes, it has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. WooCommerce Supports Both Digital and Physical Goods.  With these free plugins, you could create a store with five products or include a large collection of thousands of products. 

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads is a simple, intuitive plugin for managing and selling digital products on WordPress. For selling items like eBooks, PDF files, or audio clips, EDD plugins are best. This eCommerce plugins provide not only discount codes, file access control, and activity tracking but full shopping carts so you process the payments on your website and minimize the number of clicks needed.

Discount Rules Pro

This eCommerce plugin is used to set discounts on products, categories and carts and also create dynamic shipping methods. Discount Rules Pro helps to increase onsite sales conversions & lets you easily create dynamic pricing and discounts.


With easy setup, MemberPress plugin helps you to create, manage and track membership subscriptions and sell digital download products. It integrates with major payment processors, it’s suitable for booking or membership site. 


Ahoy is an exceptionally creative marketing tool to Increase visitor engagement and make the most of your traffic’s potential through targeted, automated marketing messages. These eCommerce plugins drive user engagement through customisable messages that pop up at different times while a visitor is browsing your eCommerce website. 

Final word

Enhancing your online business begins with taking care of your ecommerce website with qortechno. For more info on websites development and web design, explore Qortechno’ site. Let’s work together to ensure smooth digital growth.


Web Designing – Creating Your Company’s Digital Impression

Posted by : Nisha Date : June 12, 2021

Why website is important? 

Well based on the research we can see that 40-50% of small businesses around your area don’t have websites for their business. The reason maybe they are not well aware of the importance of the website or maybe they just don’t care about the growth of the business. Having a website is important for every kind of business for their benefits where its count for to get new clients or to keep old ones. After all, the Website is the front face of the business.

Nowadays having a website will help you to create your brand name as well as it’s so inexpensive and yet so effective. In today’s world, the place where most people in most markets go is to the internet, specifically a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 93% of the business decision will start with search engine search and based on your website visibility, that means without having a website you just tap 7% of the market. Having a website shows your professionalism also. If you look for any services or products that you have heard of but didn’t find on their website it will certainly come down from your mind. With a website, you will achieve the 1st step to gain the trust of your potential customers. It also helps you to reduce your labor cost for new lead generation and also gives more ROI than you expect. It will help you to reduce your marketing cost with SEO optimization for new client acquisition.

Some important things that need to have in a website:

Mobile responsive

While having a website needs to be mobile responsive so that your potential client can see and read your information from anywhere with any device.

Call To Action

Every website needs to have call to action form whether it’s for solving the customer query or getting the new leads for your business.

Social media connectivity

People are now more engaged with social media. So having a social media page like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, or LinkedIn give added advantages to customer mind and it also makes them understand your brand value.

Clear Navigation bar

Having a clear navigation bar on top of your website gives the customer more clarity about what they wanted to know more about your business. So sub-pages with proper explanatory information will help the customer to understand you much better.

Contact information

Given detailed contact information on your website with a direction map of your office address, gives easy accessibility for your client as well as for those people also who want to do business with you.  

Website Security

Security is also paramount when owning a company website – both your security and potentially the security of your clients. Hackers are more commonly targeting company websites either to damage their reputation, steal private details, or redirect users for their own financial gain. Visitors may know if your site isn’t secure and this is likely to put them off trusting your company.

Fast Page Loading

A slow website will quickly put people off. There are multiple reasons why pages might be taking ages to load – you could be using too many plug-ins or simply be overloading your website with ads.

Search Engine Optimisation

The problem might not be that users are put off by your website when visiting, the problem might be that they’re not visiting in the first place because they can’t find your website, to begin with. This is usually due to low search engine rankings. Traditionally, website owners would stuff their sites full of keywords. Whilst keywords still play an important part, adding too many keywords nowadays can actually have negative effects. So putting enough keywords with good content will help you to go up on your google ranking.

Clear brand identity

Your website needs to reflect your brand. If you’ve already got a logo that is used on business cards or a shop sign, make sure that this logo is also featured on your website.

Online reputation

A company website is a good place to show off your achievements as a business. Consider having a testimonials page for letting visitors know what previous clients have said about your company or the review list of the customer in the home page gives you a positive look about your business.

What can we do for you

At Qortechno, we are always focused to design, develop and deploy websites according to your business requirements. As per our customer-centric process, our team of professionals would remain with you from the beginning of your website design, through the process & after completion of the project.  


Why redesign a website?

Posted by : Nisha Date : April 28, 2021

Your website should be your best salesperson. A website should say everything about your business. It should attract prospects and answer every question they have about the company. It works 365 days so it is the best salesperson for your company. Like we need to train salesperson time to time and invest in them to achieve certain goals, you need to observe your website for great performance.

Reason for redesign a Website

1. Your navigation presents a challenge

When your audience accesses your site, you want them to easily move about your pages. You don’t want them to struggle to find the necessary information they need. If your website has poor navigation, it will difficult for your audience to find the right information on your site.

It’s crucial that your audience can find the right information on your pages. If it’s too challenging to find what they need, your audience will leave your page and choose a competitors’ page instead. You don’t want to lose leads to the competition due to poor navigation.

2. The Content Strategy Needs Improvement

Marketers know that content is the key to making sales and conversions and for ranking better in search engine rankings. You need an intelligent content strategy that focuses more on quality and diversity than quantity. Your website plays a crucial part as it hosts the content. If you are making major changes to your content strategy, it is wise to redesign your website to support the new content. Remember, good quality content is only going to work if people are able to see it. The search engines should be able to find the content and index it.

3. Issues with user experience

Your site’s user experience should be a primary decision point when deciding if your website is up-to-par. If your visitors struggle to find information, can’t use all of your site’s features across browsers and devices, find broken or missing functionalities, experience regular technical issues, or generally suffer through poor UX, you urgently need a website redesign.

4. Your site is slow

Users hate to wait for slow-loading pages. They want to access information quickly and easily. If your page takes too long to load, your leads may wind up on your competitor’s site instead of yours.

From your coding to your visual elements, there are different aspects of your site that can cause it to slow down.

5. More leads and sales

A website redesign will result in more leads and sales thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge conversion, optimization features. With a website redesign, you can make conversions the primary focus, and you’ll do it by presenting a flow of information that funnels them to purchase, subscribe, or request more info. That’s something most older websites just don’t do very well.

6. Difficulty to Maintain

If you find it hard to update, it is time to redesign your website. Traffic to your website relies on content and if you are not updating your website, you are continuously losing visitors and ranking.

To ensure that your website is responsive or not, connect with qortechno. For more info on websites development and web design, explore Qortechno’ site. Let’s work together to ensure smooth digital growth.


What is Local SEO?

Posted by : qortechno Date : April 6, 2021

Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more
business from relevant local searches. These searches take place on Google and other search engines.

That last point is an important one—this isn’t just about Google.
People search for local businesses using various search engines… Google, Bing, Yelp,
Apple Maps, etc.

Read A Guide to Local SEO to learn:

  • The basics of local search engine optimization. Discover what local SEO is now, why it’s important, who benefits from it (and who do not).
  • A brief history of local SEO. An evolution of Google local algorithm changes and what’s in store for the future.
  • The key components of local SEO. Find out what are the top local search ranking signals and why local back-links, localized content, consistent NAP, Google My Business, and reviews matter.
  • The top local SEO tools around. Get to know essential local SEO tools and listings management tools that you can use.
  • How to do local SEO for large organizations. What are the pros and cons of local SEO for large enterprises and essential practices to keep you going.
  • Social media tips for local businesses. Why local businesses should invest in social media marketing and how to connect with customers on social.

Why Local Search Is Important

Here are a few stats that prove how important local search
continues to be for businesses:

  • 50 percent of people who did a local search on their phone went to a physical store within one day.
  • 34 percent who did their search on a computer or tablet did the same.
  • 18 percent of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day.
  • 60 percent of American adults conduct searches for local services or product information on tablets and smartphones.
  • 50 percent of searchers on their mobile phones who conduct local searchers are looking for things like a local business address.
  • 78 percent of local-based searches on a mobile device end in purchases being made offline.
  • 71 percent of people who have been surveyed have said they search for the location of a business in order to confirm its existence before going there for a first-time visit.
  • 1 in 3 searches on a smartphone was conducted just before arriving at a store.
  • 97 percent of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12 percent looking for a local business online every day.

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Comparison between Wix | Shopify | WordPress

Posted by : Nisha Date : March 22, 2021


Advantages Of WordPress 

  1. Easy To Install and Easy To Use (Open Source)
  2. Multiple Theme Options
  3. Plugins for Customization
  4.  Easy content management and Flexibility.
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Disadvantages Of WordPress

  1. You Need Lots of Plugins For Additional Features.
  2. Slow Page Speed.
  3. Website Vulnerability.
  4. Website Can Go Down Without Notice.


Advantages Of Wix

  1. The interface is intuitive and useful.
  2. Wix takes care of your site security without compromising speed.
  3. You receive an all-in-one solution.
  4. Responsive design and optimized templates for mobile, desktop, and tablets.

Disadvantages Of Wix

  1. The starter plan doesn’t remove ads from your site.          
  2. There are no unlimited plans.
  3. The App store on Wix doesn’t really offer apps.
  4. SEO is a pain in the neck with Wix.


Advantages Of Shopify 

  1. Quick & easy to setup & use
  2. No tech worries. 
  3. Secure and reliable.
  4. 24/7 customer support.
  5. Mobile ready & Customisable
  6. Own payment gateway. 

Disadvantages Of Shopify

  1. Scalability – Not future-ready
  2. Product Search and Filtering
  3. SEO is not up to the mark
  4. Less Content Management

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, and you want to have full control of your online store, then WooCommerce is the best platform for you.

If you want something that’s completely hassle-free that has infinite scalability, then Shopify is the better platform for you.

Wix offers beginner-friendly eCommerce features geared towards small online stores with less than 100 products.


It is up to your business model or requirement, which help to choose either Wix/Shopify/WordPress

Let’s connect if you are looking for experts advice.

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Why right UI/UX is important for an eCommerce website?

Posted by : Nisha Date : March 22, 2021

In the era of e-commerce, most products and services are purchased online.

UI is the user interface that refers to the visual design of the website while UX stands for user experience. Both are different from each other.

Websites with good UI/UX leave a better impression and repeat business, than sites with poor UI and UX.

At times shopping online may be confusing as well as frustrating.

No matter how good your products and services, your customers will not stay on-site if the UI and UX are not up to the mark. 

It is important to invest in a good UI and UX for your e-commerce site if you want to impress visitors as well as generate repeat business. 

The website should be designed such that visitors can easily navigate the site on their own as well as feel comfortable shopping. The visual interface should be well designed as well as organized. If the visitor should seek information it should be supplied efficiently as well as effectively.

The page should load quickly. Visitors are likely to abandon pages that take a long time to load. The former prefer fast loading sites as nowadays people either don’t have the time or lack the patience to wait for a page to load. The design of the website should be responsive such that it can be easily browsed on all devices particularly mobile devices.

The shopping experience should be seamless, easy to understand, fast, and convenient. Many visitors abandon shopping carts if they find the shopping and payment process difficult or inconvenient. 

A superior UI and UX ramps up the time visitors spend on a site. If the UI and UX are unique and convenient, it will interest and impress visitors resulting in much more traffic to the site.

The target is to make visitors feel comfortable shopping and to earn their trust as well as make an emotional connection.

Enhancing your online ecommerce presence with right ui/ux website with qortechno. For more info on ecommerce website development, explore Qortechno’ site. Let’s work together to ensure your smooth digital growth.



Posted by : Nisha Date : January 7, 2021

SEO is not an expense but an investment

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not an expense rather it helps to move your business forward. It is not like PPC which is instantly perishable and every time we have to buy advertisements to get customers or generate traffic to our websites.

SEO is not intended for short-term marketing. It has an adverse feature of reusability and brings customers even after SEO is finished.

Helps to build your Brand Awareness

Your potential and the authentic customer will definitely trust your business more if you have worked on your brand value. So, the most important thing is that you can increase brand value using SEO without adding extra expenditure. 

-> We need to keep several points in our mind before doing so: we can use long-tail keywords, branding optimized content, optimizing keywords so that they could be easily found and reach a greater audience. 

SEO can multiply your Impact 

SEO will ensure that your website appeals to the right audiences, make them more drawn to your products and services, and finally lead to cash-spending customers of your website.

If your site is good at converting traffic into leads, you could have hundreds of more leads each month.

It worth the money you pay / Cost-Effective 

#SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies as it mainly targets a huge audience who are actively looking for your products or services online. 

Explore Qortechno’ site for SEO services. Let’s work together to ensure smooth digital growth.

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How to create a website & content for a human first then optimize for search engines?

Posted by : Nisha Date : October 9, 2020

There are many ways to Optimise Your Web Content for Humans & Search Engines but the main practice is:

Focus in the User’s Mind

Understand the audience’s needs and intentions as it will help for keyword strategy and content creation. As a result, it will provide the best information for your prospective customers.

Use SEO Basics

Use on-page SEO basics The content for each should be unique and incorporate the keywords appropriately.

Be Honest & Accurate for content & Keyword

Any text, keywords, title, or otherwise should accurately describe what a user will find when they land on that particular page.


Crosslinking content to other pages on your site, keeps people moving through your website and can send traffic to your priority pages. Through crosslinking, you motivate people along the sales funnel in the right way. 

Content should be Easy to Read 

A few ways to create ease content to read fast by audience:

  • Avoid large blocks of content.
  • Utilize bullets and numbering for lists. 
  • Use H2 or H3 tags as subheads to further break up content.


A simple website helps busy Visitors have found the information that they were looking for.

Using all these points, Website content will provide the best possible information to your target customers.

Contact [email protected] if you are looking for customer oriented or sales driven website.

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9 Key factors to success in e-commerce business (Make sure you use it on your website)

Posted by : Nisha Date : May 23, 2020

Do you know More than 2.1 billion shoppers are expected to purchase goods and services online by 2021?

Today, e-commerce websites engage not only Women but Men, kids, parents, and teenagers as well. So online shopping is not associated with a niche market but it is going to capture more than that what we can imagine.

People are increasingly looking to shop online for an easier customer experience. And, they’re even shopping from the mobile, because of better mobile networks and bigger mobile screen sizes.

So the digital world is an exciting place to be, with business owners who are using e-commerce websites or who want to sell their products/services through e-commerce websites. But it isn’t always easy for a successful business online.

Before knowing the factors of success we should know why so many e-commerce(Approx. 70-80%) businesses struggle to improve their sales.

There is some very common reason why their customer leaves the website without a final purchase:

  • Customers don’t know how to use your site
  • Product value isn’t clear
  • Navigation is difficult

Don’t worry as solutions are much easier than what someone thinks.

To compete in the e-commerce world, there are a few trade secrets that you will need to do it to the top. And if you follow these secrets, definitely you get a big advantage over your competitors.

1. Good Website Design

Nobody wants to buy products/services where things are not organized. It is as true for the offline store to the online store. So make sure your e-commerce website is well-design. Because good website design reflects your company’s value behind the screen. If your e-commerce website design does not have the wow factor, you probably need to work on the design. Also, the Sitemap (Website structure) must be well design for easy navigation of the Website.

2. Establish your brand unique

Your e-commerce brand has its own value and purpose. You must clear that what you do and why you do.

Shoppers love reviews. Approx. 50% of consumers are likely to buy products and services with excellent reviews. A negative review can also help to buy as it reflects reviews are not fake.

To win it, you need a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the brand.

USP help to differentiates your products from your competitors so that consumers can remember your brand easily and they give positive review rather than negative.

3. Consumer love a great User Experience

On your website, it should be clear what your business does. If you want to move traffic toward a desired action, like buying, you need to optimize UX or user experience.

It is also important that the shopping cart is easy to view and access. The checkout process must be straightforward.

Your content quality leads to buying mood like:

* Video

* Good size image/animated image

* Games (if your brand can attach with the game)

Optimize UX for mobile, as more & more user is going to use mobile for their purchasing.

The mobile version of your site shouldn’t look exactly like your regular website. Image/content must be different and approachable according to the mobile screen as the users are going to spend less time rather than desktop views.

4. Website loading speed

Website loading time affects your sales bottom line. Fast-speed loading website experience improved their conversion rate by 50 to 70%.

5. Transparent with your customers

To succeed in the e-commerce world you need to transparent with your customers otherwise, they might not trust you for buying products/services.

Your contact information should visible right on your website.

The shipping costs of your website must be affordable for customers. Offer them free shipping when they spend over a certain amount of money. If you charge extra for shipping cost, please clearly mention to prospects before they reach the checkout page.

Also don’t force users to create accounts before they place an order. It is good to lets your users sign up after placing an order. It will exponentially improve your conversion rates.

6. Product information

Outstanding individual product pages with detailed information like product specifications, photos, shipping costs, etc helps consumers make buying decisions.

Try to highlight product key benefits. Product page design and architecture is very important when it comes to sales conversions.

7. Enhance User Engagement (Social media)


Linking social profiles and user-generated content with an e-commerce website can easily engage your customers towards your brands. You can share helpful information about your product/services in the form of image/video for your customers on Instagram/Facebook/Linkedin/Youtube/Pinterest to engage your customers. Social media allows brands to show authenticity and associate an emotional connection with their products.

8. Secure Shipping / Return Policy

Before transaction money, customers need online financial security. Make sure that your e-commerce websites are using safety features during the purchase process to build customer trust.

Return Policy is also a trust-building feature of online business. For any genuine reason, customers know that the brand is there for them.

9. Use Call to Action (CTA)


A call to action (CTA) is nothing but an invitation for a user to take some desired action. Make sure CTA is showing each & every page on your e-commerce website. Try to make it in a clear and different format (color/text) to directly influence your customer’s buying decision.


The above 9 Key Factors will help to optimize your e-commerce website for higher conversions. They can actually make or break your online business.


Qortechno is a Leading Web Development agency that provides the best E-commerce solutions. Work with us if you want to hire expert e-commerce web professionals to find out how we can help to grow your online business, whether you’re launching a brand or already live.


Different Types of E-commerce Business Model

Posted by : Nisha Date : April 29, 2020

Generally speaking, e-commerce is an online transaction between a supplier and a customer. But in broad concept, it is divided into FIVE major types.

Kind of E-commerce Business:

  • B2B

  • B2C

  • C2C

  • C2B

  • C2A


  • B2B (Business to Business)

B2B model focused to sell products or services as e-commerce between companies. They start to give products or services with one business then onto the next.

This e-commerce model typically explains the relationship between the producers of a product and the wholesalers who advertise the product for purchase to consumers.

Sometimes the buyer is the end-user, but often the buyer resells to the consumer.

Around 75% of Online e-commerce business is associate with the B2B model.


  • B2C (Business To Consumer)

B2C e-commerce represents a retail model, where a business directly offers to consumers, which is directed online instead of in a physical store.
The decision-making process for a B2C purchase is much shorter than a business-to-business (B2B) purchase, especially for a product that has a lower value.
For example, if a housewife wants to buy kitchen cutlery then she may not need to take any permission.
B2C not only sells the product but is used for services also where the end-user is directly connected with the company.


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  • C2C (Consumer To Consumer) 

C2C eCommerce model focused on the two parties to exchange goods and services and typically make their money by charging transaction or listing fees.

C2C business model faces challenges in quality control and technology maintenance.


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  • C2B (Consumer To Business)

The C2B e-commerce model allows a customer to sell products or services for companies to buy.

Consumers provide products or services to the company, co-operate on projects, and ultimately help businesses increase their profits.

The C2B eCommerce model’s competitive edge is in pricing for goods and services.


No alt text provided for this image


  • C2A (Consumer To Administration)

Consumer to Administration’s e-commerce model encompasses all online transactions between individuals and public administration.


No alt text provided for this image

Wind Up!

Undoubtedly eCommerce business is growing rapidly all over the world due to its beauty of flexibility and gives more happiness than physical shopping.


Do you think you are in need of a website redesign?

Posted by : Nisha Date : January 23, 2020

Today’s world is full of glory and eye-catching attractions. If some person wants to purchase something and went to market then first he/she will look more presentable store and then their product availability on the store (not in inventory, because it is not available to see immediately). If both requirements match then he/she decide to proceed with that particular store.

The same thing happens when some prospective users visit your business/personal website and if it is not updated from a long ago then visitors will easily move to your competitor’s website.

Reasons to rebuild/redesign your website, like:

Website design and content (text, image, video) is outdated.

It is not providing current information about your brand. With the new website, you can improve your site structure and user journey. Need contact forms simpler for prospects and customers to get in touch with you and receive responses as quickly as possible.

Website is not responsive.

It is not working well when someone wants to see your website through mobile phones, tabs as most of the users use their mobile to buy a product/service. They expect a consistent experience from this entire medium like mobile, tabs, laptop & computer. If the website is well maintained and responsive, visitors will show interest and spend more time on it.

Website speed is slow.

Your website visitors will drop off if they find that your website is slow and immediately they will move to your competitor’s website. A fast-loading website is essential for any online business.

Lack of quality content of a website.

Need to make sure that your website content has SEO optimize for a better ranking. Google also prefers a high-quality, content-rich website for better rankings.

Poor UX of your website.

A simple-to-navigate website is necessary for any successful website. So, make sure your website is convenient and straightforward.

To improve usability and flexibility of website backend.

The back-end of an old website didn’t support the flexibility required to manage all content. For this, you needed a website that would allow you to create, test, and manage as many elements as possible.

Your Website Third-party tools are outdated.

Need to replace third-party tools if it affects your website speed; if their updated version is not available.


A well-designed website is one of the most effective marketing tools for your brand. So keep it updated and make it easy to use.

Check out your website or just reach out to me, I’d love to hear about your business goals and visions for 2021 and beyond.

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Shopify VS WordPress: Which one is absolutely best for an online store?

Posted by : Nisha Date : December 19, 2019
shopify vs wordpress

Ecommerce retail sales are estimated to hit approx. $5 trillion by 2021, and if you’re interested to open online business/store, then this is the best time ever. But most people confuse which one can be beneficial for their e-commerce business.

Difference between Shopify and WordPress


Shopify is dedicated to creating an e-commerce platform only with user-friendly flexibility that enables entrepreneurs to focus on their passions and products instead of configuring a website. which means you don’t need to install, manage, or update any software. Also, you don’t need to worry about security, performance, backups, and compatibility issues.

WordPress is an open-source platform. You need to host your own site and install plugins like Woo Commerce for e-commerce tools. WordPress also provides a blogging platform to create your own blog for your interested niche. WordPress allows total customization of your online store.

Cost comparison:

WordPress hosting is very cost-competitive. It is a free open source software plugin and most shared hosts offer WordPress packages in the $3- to $7-per-month ballpark along with some FREE themes to customize WordPress site. You can also keep your costs in control by only purchasing the tools and plugins as you need them.

Shopify makes very easy to start your online store. Their setup plan starts with $29 to $299. Each of these plans includes a domain name, SSL certificate, and web hosting. You can start an online store with a basic plan but it is not including third-party tools and add-ons. As your business grows, these costs will start adding up to pay a lot more than the basic plan.

How many people use WordPress and Shopify?

The good news is that WordPress and Shopify both enjoy a lot of popularity and have large userbases. Approx. 65-75 million WordPress sites in existence and according to Shopify, the platform runs over 600,000 stores.

So as per these numbers, WordPress is technically the safer bet in the longevity stakes, but Shopify is one of the most popular products of its kind and it is unlikely that it is going anywhere anytime soon.

Behavior/performance on mobile:

All officially-supported Shopify templates are responsive, meaning that they will all adjust themselves automatically so that they display nicely on any device.

With the WordPress template, you will need to double-check its suitability across devices before installing it. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be used on both Shopify and WordPress to improve its visibility in google search results.

Design performance for Woocommerce:

WooCommerce has a serious advantage over Shopify when it comes to designs. Shopify has wonderful themes, but they’re limited to what you can find in the Shopify Theme Store.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is open source so tons of developers sell (or give away) incredible WooCommerce themes for all sorts of industries and purposes. Apart from that, there are marketplaces like ThemeForest where they have hundreds of other WooCommerce-compatible themes.

Interface and ease of use

The basic layouts of the Shopify and WordPress interfaces are similar enough. But Shopify’s interface is very intuitive for anyone interested in building and managing an online store, which means you can easily manage products, collections, and sales channels.

With WordPress, you will need to make use of a third-party plugin such as Woo-commerce, Ecwid or WP E-Commerce.

Content management in Shopify and WordPress

Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce application so managing products and collections is very straightforward here. But Shopify can remove content (or even your whole website) if it conflicts with their acceptable use policies.

WordPress comes with content versioning — every single version of a page or post can be stored on the system and you can roll back to any of them at any point. WordPress allows you to use categories and tags in a much more flexible. Shopify doesn’t let you do this.

Multilingual/multiple sites

Many businesses require multiple versions of their website – in different languages, or for different territories (or both).

For a WordPress site, you can use either the WordPress Multilingual plugin or the WordPress Multisite to create multiple versions of a website in multiple languages.

It’s possible to present your store in different languages using Shopify too through buying a plugin.


Shopify: Pros:

* You know exactly how much you’ll be paying every month and the pricing is fair.

* There’s access to thousands of apps to extend your store.

* Shopify handles everything for you from hosting to security. It takes just a few minutes to launch your store.

* Drop shipping is rather simple with Shopify.

* The support is the best in the business.

Shopify Cons:

* You don’t have as much control over your site/content with Shopify.

* You’re stuck with a monthly payment that’s only going to get higher.

WordPress Pros:

The software is open source and you can build any type of site with WordPress; it’s a more flexible platform than Shopify.

* A vast range of plugins – paid-for and free – is available to help you add functionality to your WordPress website.

* SEO in WordPress is a bit better than in Shopify.

* On a WordPress site, you have more control over your content.

* WordPress is a better option than Shopify for creating multilingual or ‘multisite’ projects.

WordPress Cons:

* You have to manage everything from hosting to security, and maintenance to backups by a specialist.



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