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Top Recruiters Secret Tips for Remote Hiring

December 8, 2022

December 8, 2022

Top Recruiters Secret Tips for Remote Hiring

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Rewinding a few years makes us realize the business world looks much different than it looks now. And forwarding 5 years from now will also not look the same. But the need for talented employees hasn't changed or cannot be changed. Especially any tech-based company’s success directly lies on the skills and talents of its development team. With the spread of the pandemic, the need to work remotely was born and has become the new trend in companies. A recent survey shows that 43% of people prefer working remotely.


Tips for Remote Hiring

Though remote working is a very recent trend it’s spreading rapidly all across the globe as it comes with freedom and flexibility for both hires and hirers. So here are some clear advantages of remote working

  • Location immunity
  • Cost cutting
  • Time flexibility 
  • Increased productivity
  • Work-life balance and much more


Having said all that, like any coin that has two faces, remote working also has its shortcomings, especially for recruiters as remote working challenges the traditional hiring methods and requires innovative means, especially while hiring remote developers. This change can be very disruptive to many companies that follow conventional hiring methods. Qortechno aims at bridging this gap by providing professional support to hiring a dedicated developer. So now let’s decode the challenges faced by your company and how Qortechno can help you ace them by providing the right solutions.

When you hire remotely, you are maximizing the talent pool with refined skills and expertise, such as those in web development, digital marketing, applications, Google ads, and designers.


Face indexing

 As we all believe in the saying “face is the index of mind” which is a pivotal observance in any walk-in interview where job seekers can be assessed from how they handle, body language, entry, exit, etc. but this is not completely possible in the virtual interviews which make us believe that virtual interviews have lost the essence of an interview.

Solution: Try focusing and observing hand gestures, posture, head tilt, formal setup, and punctuality in joining the meeting, if facing any technical issues how well the candidate troubleshoots and gets back, etc as these parameters show the efforts the candidate is putting in getting hired. 


Writing a realistic job description:

The truth is, as much as a candidate hates modifying their resume each time before applying to a new job, the recruiter also feels the same way about writing a job description. But writing a clear job description is the first key step towards reaching your ideal employee. A poorly written, unstructured, or unclear job description can create a wrong image among potential hires.

Solution: Customize the job description that best suits the role, you can start by asking your previous employee who managed that role to fill in his day-to-day responsibilities which gives you a good opening.


The Overwhelming number of applicants:

As the number of remote workers has significantly increased and more people prefer working from home the response to remote jobs is fiercely competitive. Screening through thousands of applications for potential candidates naturally turns out to be a tedious task.


Remote hiring: how Qortechno makes a difference

Managers must set clear expectations and choose proper testing strategies. Companies can also seek professional support to handle this time-consuming process.

At Qortechno believes in matching the right talent at the right position, we have paved our way in making matches for people in a job they love. All you have to do is share your detailed job description and our team of skilled hirers will help you find the perfect candidate – your company’s asset. 

Choosing the right people for the right job is the key to successfully scaling your business. While change can be uncomfortable, going through the change makes you lead the market. 



We ensure both parties involved in the process is benefitted as the recruiter will acquire a personnel asset and the employee will land on his dream designation.  We are 200% confident in helping you find the best candidate out of the large pool of candidates.


Qortechno helps you recruit talent by offering:

  • Faster hiring: Hire directly without sourcing and screening. 
  • Savings on salary: With Qortechno, you save up to 50% on wages without sacrificing quality.
  • A hassle-free onboarding process: Qortechno handles all the paperwork, administration, and IT support so candidates can start as soon as they are hired.
  • An unconditional interview: You are not obligated to hire any candidate we suggest for an interview. If you're unhappy with the list of candidates we offer, we'll suggest other options.

Get in touch with us now to know more about how we can meet your hiring needs.

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Written by Nisha

Nisha is a CEO Qortechno where she helps businesses shine in the online world. Nisha's passion for innovation and commitment to excellence have propelled Qortechno to new heights.

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