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Website Redesign: How Do You Plan?

July 13, 2022

July 13, 2022

Website Redesign: How Do You Plan?

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There are many brands that are unsatisfied with their website redesign.

Whether you have a website on Web flow, WordPress, Magento, or Shopify, a website redesign is essential. Before jumping into how to do it, it will be better if you understand the benefits and scope of the redesigning journey.

For that, let's check out what exactly is website redesigning?

What Is a Website Redesign?

Website redesign is the process of making essential changes to the site or applying principles of site designing to an existing website to make it look fresh again.

It can be in site layout, structure, content or coding. You can also change aesthetic aspects like color palette or media.

The primary purpose of website redesign is to attract new and retain existing visitors. You must offer a better experience and user interface by redesigning your website.

Site owners who plan to website redesign have experienced current best practices and data, so they always take a step ahead and give their site a fresh look and appearance.

How important is redesigning your website?

Website make-over is significant for various reasons like

  • Improving the overall user experience.

It is because the needs and desires of visitors change over time, resulting in the demand for website redesigning. So, you should make your site features look more appealing, resulting in increased visitors and a high conversion rate.

  • To create the image of authority

Visitors can quickly judge a website based on its appearance. Always keep in mind that good site design and credibility are co-related to each other.

What are the mandatory elements of website redesigning?

Now, if you have concluded that your site requires redesigning, your next step should be following the mandatory steps below to make your site look more appealing.

  • Structure

A website structure should encourage visitors to read about products, subscribe, navigate and explore the site. If you cannot get a high conversion rate, there could be a problem with the site’s structure that needs to be fixed.

  • Design & identity

Great site design is more than the appearance. While redesigning, makes sure your site has proper navigation. A user can quickly go from one page to another without any hassle.

  • Funnels

Turning a prospect into a customer can be done with the help of funnels which rely on customer touchpoints and strategic messaging. It helps in removing uncertainty from the business.

Try to optimize the site so that funnels are well defined, and you do not need to take any manual action to work on them.

  • Conversions

Buying your product, following on social media and joining subscribers are all part of conversion based on trust in the site owner.

The conversion ensures the visitors are moving one step ahead in becoming a customer.

While redesigning, you should focus on improving the site’s structure, funnel, messaging, identity, and ability to build trust.

  • Speed

53% of users abandon mobile sites because they take more than 3 seconds to load.

Your mobile website should be fast, and the redesign must account for that. The site structure should be composed of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Also, images should be optimized, and videos should be hosted by 3rd parties.


What mistakes to avoid while redesigning a website?

Around 75% of website redesigns fail because of poor planning. Let’s examine the two biggest reasons and how you can avoid them.

  • Focusing on technology before site strategy

Never consider technology before deciding on business goals. It is the wrong approach for the site redesign. Instead of focusing on the content management system, you should look for

- How to make sure the site remains successful?

- How to boost business growth with a website?

- What’s the purpose of the redesigned website?

Remember that website strategy and business goals come first; then, you should focus on technology.

  • Vague project goals

Goals like ‘I want to get more visitors’ or ‘I want my website to look better’ are not correctly defined goals. It would be best if you drilled down more to identify what exactly you need like

- Want to give visitors a positive experience

- Want my brand to be recognizable

- Want my brand to look appealing

If your site redesigning lacks clear goals, planning for a new business approach will not be effective.


How to determine your site redesigning goals?

To measure the site’s success, you should have perfect goals, which should be

  • Business goals

Before redesigning, you should set your business goals. Redesigning will not only make your site look amazing, but it also helps in growing your business while making the entire process more efficient with well-defined business goals.

  • Marketing goals

Your business goals directly impact marketing goals. So, always think about the marketing goals you want your redesigned site to achieve.

  • Technology goals

If there is any tech issue before, it should be fixed while redesigning. Think about all the marketing you cannot do because of tech restrictions. Identify and fix it.

Why Choose Qortechno to Redesign your website?

With Qortechno, you can hire a Web designer who offers the following benefits:

  • Result-driven professionals
  • Price flexibility based on packages
  • Continually communicating and collaborating

Qortechno offers more than just Website Design consultancy services. All kinds of talent can be found through our wide range of services.


OK, now this article explains how to plan to redesign a website correctly. Do you still think a website redesign would be a great step forward for your business?

Our team at Qortechno helps you redesign your website to make it more effective. We'll work with you to make a top-notch site that will attract quality visitors.

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